The Petrified Wood Gallery of Ogallala, Nebraska

I recently visited the large and fascinating Petrified Wood Gallery of Ogallala, Nebraska during a trip to nearby Lake McConaughy.

Gal 1

Gal 2

Gal 3

Gal 4

Gal 5

Gal 6

Gal 7

Gal 8

Gal 9

Gal 10

Gal 11

Gal 12

Gal 13

Gal 14

Gal 15

Gal 16

Gal 17

Gal 18

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Bad Health Advice from a Bestseller

In The Power of Habit: Why We Do What We Do in Life and Business, Charles Duhigg recommends:

Want to exercise more? Choose a cue, such as going to the gym as soon as you wake up, and a reward, such as a smoothie after each workout. Then think about that smoothie, or about the endorphin rush you’ll feel. Allow yourself to anticipate the reward. Eventually, that craving will make it easier to push through the gym doors every day.

Smoothies that cause an endorphin rush are unhealthy. Photo by City Java Smoothies via Flickr.

Smoothies that cause an endorphin rush are unhealthy. Photo by City Java Smoothies via Flickr.

Smoothies contain sweeteners like sugar and bananas and often contain dairy. The “endorphin rush” is caused by eating sugar. Most smoothies are unhealthy and will destroy the benefits you obtain from exercising; health depends more upon what you eat than exercise. However, you can make tasty sugarless drinks without milk and endorphin rushes using a high speed blender such as a Vitamix or NutriBullet. Further, Charles Duhigg recommends:

Want to craft a new eating habit? When researchers affiliated with the National Weight Control Registry—a project involving more than six thousand people who have lost more than thirty pounds—looked at the habits of successful dieters, they found that 78 percent of them ate breakfast every morning, a meal cued by a time of day.

Breakfast is a meal to break a fast. The reason you’re not hungry in the morning is that you don’t need food unless the “food” you ate yesterday lacked nutrition. If you want to lose weight, refrain from eating when you’re not hungry because your body won’t forget to tell you that it needs food. Eating breakfast only enriches farmers and food processors who sell unhealthy “food” such as wheat, corn, and cow’s milk.

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A Week in Vail and Summit County

Cold Mary

Gore Creek Crowd

Hotel Gramshammer

Kombucha Lady


Oracle Boat

Silverthorne Trailer


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Wall Street Journal Exposes Startup Chile Fraud

The Wall Street Journal reports that the Startup Chile program is a huge waste of government funds.

Start-Up Chile spent $40 million on grants, its economic achievements have been limited. About 80% of the foreign firms that are accepted leave after meeting the required six-month stay. Some 300 new companies are accepted annually, but the large portion opting to depart highlights the obstacles Chile still faces in fostering entrepreneurship and innovation outside its core industries….

Chile has a lot going for it. Businesses are attracted to its political stability and its ranking as one of Latin America’s least-corrupt countries. Residents enjoy its wine, snow-capped mountains and rugged coastline.

But new businesses in Chile still face complications. The World Bank’s 2015 Doing Business report, which compares regulations in 189 countries, lists Chile below Colombia, Mexico and Peru in terms of the ease of operating a company there.

Alberto Rodriguez, the World Bank’s country director for Chile, Bolivia, Ecuador, Peru and Venezuela, said that the countries need to create a more business-friendly environment by focusing on such areas as regulation and infrastructure.

The Doing Business report states that Chile has failed to improve its position compared to other countries. For instance, Spain was behind Chile a few years ago but is now ranked higher.

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Is Google Using Obama to Hobble Competitors?

The Street claims, Google Turns From Innovator to Washington Insider:

If any industry and region has embodied the spirit of creativity and unapologetic change, it has been Silicon Valley. But the upstart is now part of the establishment with a corner K Street office, Washington’s famed lobbying corridor…. The company is trying to convince government regulators to bar a new technology that will help alleviate annoying congestion for wireless users. Google claims it is looking out for consumers…. If this were not bad enough, Google has found an ally that is the very picture of an entrenched corporate interest. Comcast (CMCSA), the cable giant, is known to use lobbying, philanthropy and political contributions to influence decision-makers inside the capital…. But far from being driven by a need to protect consumers, Google and Comcast are attempting to take advantage of a burdensome regulatory system in Washington to fend off competition.

Google is famous for their “Don’t Be Evil” slogan but every big company in a socialist country will befriend the economic planners in Washington, Beijing, Tokyo, Berlin, Paris, or London. Evil is inevitable as long as governments can print unlimited money not backed by a limited resource such as gold or silver. Maybe someday Bitcoin, PayPal or some new technology will sidestep governments but it’s hard to imagine today. We need more companies like Uber that must weaken governments to prosper.

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Somebody Read the Collected Works of Donald Trump!

Carlos Lozada of the Washington Post read all 8 books written by Donald Trump. Fascinating reading!

“We need a leader that wrote ‘The Art of the Deal,’ ” Trump declared during his presidential campaign announcement in June, and he has repeatedly cited that 1987 book in other appearances. In it, Trump, then 41, explains the power of psychology and deception — he calls it “bravado” or “truthful hyperbole” — in his early real estate acquisitions. Before he was a brand name, he had to convince people that he was worth their time. It was small things here and there. Like asking his architect to gussy up the sketches for a hotel so it seemed like they spent huge sums on the plans, boosting interest in his proposal. Or having a construction crew drive machinery back and forth on a site in Atlantic City so that the visiting board of directors would be duped into thinking the work was far along. “If necessary,” he instructed a supervisor, “have the bulldozers dig up dirt on one side of the site and dump it on the other.”

Trump is the leading Republican candidate, showing that the party is an Ideocracy, the inevitable consequence of a population educated in schools owned and operated by governments.

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Will Skipping Breakfast Make You Fat?

The Washington Post reports on a nutrition study:

Researchers at a New York City hospital several years ago conducted a test of the widely accepted notion that skipping breakfast can make you fat.

For some nutritionists, this idea is an article of faith. Indeed, it is enshrined in the Dietary Guidelines for Americans, the federal government’s advice book, which recommends having breakfast every day because “not eating breakfast has been associated with excess body weight.”

As with many nutrition tips, though, including some offered by the Dietary Guidelines, the tidbit about skipping breakfast is based on scientific speculation, not certainty, and indeed, it may be completely unfounded, as the experiment in New York indicated.

I skip breakfast most days and it’s one of the main reasons that I weigh the same as I did when I graduated high school 30 years ago. The human body works best processing food for 16 hours, a technique known as intermittent fasting. If you stop eating at 7:00 PM and don’t eat until 11:00 AM, you won’t feel hungry and you’ll lose weight as long as the food you eat is nutritious. If you exercise on an empty stomach before eating your first meal, your body will burn fat, but it will use the food you’ve eaten recently as fuel if you eat after a meal.

The government wants you to eat breakfast because politicians receive campaign contributions from people who sell breakfast “food” such as wheat, corn (maize), and cow’s milk. If someone offered you milk from a chimp you’d probably recoil in horror, as you should, but your nutritional needs are more similar to a baby primate than a baby cow. I prefer food suitable for a primate with a huge brain that doesn’t live in a forest of fruit trees.

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Fun Ad for Google Translate

Google Translate is a great product and keeps getting better.

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What is Beatboxing?

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Herd of Bucks Jump Fence

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