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Should Children in Brazil and Chile Start Working Earlier?

I attended the Santiago Pub Crawl in the bohemian tourist section of Baquedano and met an 18 year old Brazilian woman whose mother sent her to an English school when she was 11. It amazes me that Brazilians often learn … Continue reading

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An Expat Describes Four Years of Santiago Growth

In response to Why I’m Living in Chile, Dirk writes: I have lived now in Santiago for exactly 4 years. I was riding down the Apoquindo on my bicycle this morning, from Manquehue to Tobalaba. I was thinking how rapidly … Continue reading

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Why I’m Living in Chile

I have lived in Santiago Chile for 8 of the last 12 months because it is exciting and affordable; exciting because a gigantic earthquake rocks and rolls the place every 25 years; and affordable because the government creates no land … Continue reading

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Vivek Wadhwa talk sponsored by Start-Up Chile

I attended a couple of talks in Santiago sponsored by Start-Up Chile delivered by “academic, researcher, writer, and entrepreneur” Vivek Wadhwa. He suffered a heart attack a few years back, so he decided to give up on business to avoid … Continue reading

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