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Playing 20 Questions With the Government

I spoke recently to a friend in the USA who illustrated why Chile needs to stop emulating the USA and start promoting the advantages of living and working in Chile. The amount of tax that my friend owes to the … Continue reading

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Adventures and Pictures from Boquete, Panama

We uploaded two galleries from Boquete, Panama, near the Costa Rican border. The first is of the botanical garden by the river downtown, and the second is from a drive around the area and an excursion we made to Boquete … Continue reading

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The Incredible Growth of Hong Kong in Pictures

I wrote earlier that Chile should aspire to be the Hong Kong economy of South America rather than imitate the Marxist policies of Europe and the USA. The Chilean website El Dínamo documents in pictures how growth might transform Santiago … Continue reading

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La Hacienda in Santiago, Panama

We poorly planned a trip to Boquete, Panama by renting a car in Panama City rather than flying to David, the city an hour drive away from Boquete. If you’re going to Boquete, or sailing in the Las Bocas islands … Continue reading

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Nut Farms in the USA and Chile

I met an investor about a year ago who was searching Chile to buy an almond farm, as the California government recently enacted laws that made it difficult or impossible to profit as an almond farmer, where most almonds in … Continue reading

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Extreme Bike Descent in Valparaiso, Chile

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PayPal Founder Challenges Higher Education Bubble

PayPal founder and early Facebook investor Peter Thiel challenges the higher education bubble in a recent interview. His 20 Under 20 Fellowship encourages young people to create technology rather than go to college, and is likely to prove that smart … Continue reading

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Killer Beetles Attack Trees on California Golf Course

A group of merciless beetles murdered every tree on the Sea Pines Golf Resort in Los Osos, California, at the south end of Morro Bay, halfway between Los Angeles and San Francisco. The resort is planning to create 7 wood … Continue reading

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Silliness of Technology Business Incubators

Technology business incubators have exploded in recent years, but Agile Technology developer Jorge Rodriguez of Continuum tweets an article by Stacey Higginbotham suggesting that startups have become a fetish that attracts too much capital. She points to DormDorm, a proposed … Continue reading

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Notes and Photos from Argentine Patagonia

We passed 8 weeks in Argentina, half in Patagonia enjoying the mountain lake scenery. Besides, Chile expels us every 90 days and Argentina is pleased to accept our money. We made a slideshow of some of the sights. Patagonia is … Continue reading

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