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Bottom Up Strategies in Business, Part 1

Do exceptional leaders that plan new products grow faster than those using bottom up strategies, experimenting and failing often? Authors Peter Sims (Little Bets), Tim Harford (Adapt: Why Success Always Starts With Failure), and Michael Shermer (The Mind of the … Continue reading

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Interview: Tripeezy Founder Paige Brown

Paige Brown of Austin, Texas was one of the first recipients of a $40,000 grant by the Start-Up Chile program. She arrived last December in Santiago to develop her Tripeezy travel software business, and recently returned to the USA: Tripeezy … Continue reading

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Chile Articles: Chapter 1

Entrepreneurship just needs ‘rich people and nerds’: Unlike traditional city-building industries, today’s innovative businesses don’t need hard assets like port access, highway infrastructure or really much of anything….In Santiago, Mr. Shea believes his country’s exotic location and beautiful natural resources … Continue reading

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Attitudes Towards Immigration in the USA

There has always been a raging debate in the USA about how many immigrants should be allowed to legally enter the country, and attitudes towards immigration have become more hostile as the economy has declined. According to the Wall Street … Continue reading

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The HidroAysén Hydro Powered Dams Project

The Chilean government approved construction of the large dams of the HidroAysén hydroelectric project last week, and the press coverage of the story reminds me of why I love learning the Spanish language. Continue reading

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Voucher Education in Chile

Childhood education in Chile is a good example of how a military dictatorship can be better than a democracy. The Pinochet government radically revamped education in Chile in 1981 and has become a successful laboratory studied by researchers around the world. Prior to that time, the national government was a democracy that operated most schools for children, enrolling 80% of students, using a national curriculum. Continue reading

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The Best Country to Move to: Panama or Chile?

Many people in the USA and Europe are dismayed with their governments and are seeking alternatives. I think the best country to move to is Chile, but Panama is a close contender. Both have strong economies, natural beauty, and a large exciting city, but have different attractions and annoyances. Continue reading

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Software Publisher Proves College is Unnecessary

Sridhar Vembu, CEO of Zoho, developer of applications such as word processors and spreadsheets that competes against Microsoft Office and Google Docs, recruits employees using a unique process that gives them an advantage over his wealthier competitors. Instead of hiring … Continue reading

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Government Ransacks Luggage and Assaults Miss USA

We flew from Panama to Tijuana to avoid USA airports, but Mexicana Airlines and the USA government foiled our plans. We connected through Mexico City and the airline left my luggage there while we flew to Tijuana. We rode to … Continue reading

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Technology Business Incubators: Can Chile Compete?

Start-Up Chile competes against other technology business incubators such as Y Combinator and TechStars, and should adopt some of their best practices to attract quality entrepreneurs. For instance, the most successful incubators differentiate themselves by writing articles that attract large audiences, and offer access to high quality mentors. Continue reading

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