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The Paleo Caveman Diet of Tennis Star Novak Djokovic

The Wall Street Journal reported that the reason Novak Djokovic has won 41 straight matches this year is that he is allergic to gluten and has removed it from his diet. The streak included 4 wins over Nadal and 3 … Continue reading

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Argentina Articles, Chapter 1

Doing Business in Argentina: A Constant Feeling of Crisis Think the U.S. economy feels shaky? Try doing business in Argentina, where corruption is the norm, regulations are absurd, inflation is rampant, and financial crises are a dime a dozen (11 … Continue reading

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Why Start-Up Chile Isn’t Enticing More Entrepreneurs

Start-Up Chile recently announced that they received only 133 viable applications and selected 110 to participate, indicating that the program is failing to attract entrepreneurs to apply who believe that working in Chile for 6 months will advance their company. … Continue reading

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Lawyers Reviewing Documents for Temp Agencies

The Wall Street Journal recently published an article about young lawyers settling for temp jobs as document reviewers, and many of the commentators replied that the students should have chosen engineering over law. I wrote earlier, Is Engineering a Better … Continue reading

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Bottom-Up Strategies in Business, Part 3

While economist Tim Harford emphasizes the need to transform large organizations and Peter Sims offers ways to spark creativity, in part 3 of this bottom-up strategies series, Skeptic magazine editor and former bicycle racer Michael Shermer, author of The Mind … Continue reading

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Bottom Up Strategies in Business, Part 2

While venture capitalist Peter Sims in Part 1 of this bottom-up strategies series describes the iterative experimental process of discovering solutions to problems used by individuals such as comedian Chris Rock and architect Frank Gehry, economist Tim Harford, in Adapt: … Continue reading

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