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The Confession of a College Professor

George Mason University economics professor Brian Caplan, author of The Myth of the Rational Voter, confessed today that he teaches his students little that they can use in the Real World: I’ve been in school for the last 35 years … Continue reading

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Income Inequality in Chile, Europe, and the USA

Christian Jessen, a Start-Up Chile participant, wrote about the culture of Denmark: The Danish Parliamentary Elections of 2011 is going on right now…. For the first time, I will not vote. Theoretically I could (and should) go to the Danish … Continue reading

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Musings on the Steve Jobs Biography

I’ve just finished “Steve Jobs: The Exclusive Biography” by Walter Isaacson, and I had planned on writing a review, but James Cridland wrote it for me: I’d heard some stories about Steve Jobs, but the stories I’d heard were nothing … Continue reading

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How Google Sells to Schools

Mary and I attended a talk last week delivered by Jaime Casap, Education Evangelist at Google. Although most of audience probably enjoyed the presentation, I was disappointed because he spoke much more about the business culture at Google than about … Continue reading

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Former Governor Joins Brophy Airport Boycott

Sometimes I feel like the only sane person in the world, as hardly anyone has joined my boycott of USA airports. Doesn’t it bother you that the government exposes you to x-ray radiation or fondles your private parts? Fortunately, I’m … Continue reading

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Will India Displace the USA as Tech Leader?

The Wall Street Journal doesn’t think so: It’s tough to be an entrepreneur anywhere, but India presents special obstacles—byzantine bureaucracy, moldering roads and power grids, cultural pressures that penalize risk-taking, and corruption…. India ranks among the world’s worst countries at … Continue reading

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Is Chile Losing the Battle of Ideas?

El Mercurio reported recently that Hernán Büchi spoke to legislators of the ruling party in Chile and criticized them because they are losing the battle of ideas. Büchi was Finance Minister of Chile in 1985-89, ran for President of Chile … Continue reading

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