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Mexico Solves Problem of Ignorant Voters

One of the big problems with democracies is that many voters haven’t the foggiest idea of how politics works and don’t even know the name of their representatives. Tired of irrational voters, the Mexican government has solved the problem with … Continue reading

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Start-Up Chile Participant Gympact Attracts Investment

Very few of the participants of Start-Up Chile have impressed investors but Gympact, producing software to motivate people to go to the gym, leveraged their gift from the Chilean government to get into Techstars, a prestigious accelerator with good connections … Continue reading

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Chilean President Warns of Danger of Socialism

The President of Chile cast diplomacy aside today to promote capitalism. According to Bloomberg, Sebastián Piñera said that Europe’s mistakes are a lesson for Latin America: Latin America must avoid the costly welfare policies plunging Europe into crisis and should … Continue reading

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Chile Passes Law Fixing Parking Rates in Malls

Setty reports: In Chile, yesterday, the government announced new rules for shopping mall parking prices. First half hour free, always round time periods down, post prices. Wait, I get the second parts, as it’s important to know what you’re going … Continue reading

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Criminally Bad Business Decisions in Argentina

During the 1974-2002 epoch in Argentina, it was a criminal offense for a business owner to make bad decisions. According to Ian Mount, author of The Vineyard at the End of the World, one victim ensnared by the law was … Continue reading

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