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Our Favorite Astronaut Welcomes You to NASA

Mary and I visited the NASA Space Center near Houston a few weeks ago.

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Japan Juggling Festival Championship Video

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Space Shuttle Arrives in Los Angeles

The space shuttle Endeavor has been roaming the streets of L.A. the last few days on the way to its permanent home at the Samuel Oschin Air and Space Center. Huge crowds have greeted the arrival of the retired craft. … Continue reading

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Food so Tasty that it’s Unfair

Former President of Chile Ricardo Lagos recently asserted: A society that is built on neoliberal economic ideas will indeed foster GDP growth and innovation. But unless it is complemented with public policy aimed at promoting equality, a free-market society will … Continue reading

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Software Composing Music

David Cope developed a program named Emily Howell to compose classical music. At one Santa Cruz concert, the program notes neglected to mention that Emily Howell wasn’t a human being, and a chemistry professor and music aficionado in the audience … Continue reading

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