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A Nomad Looks at 50

Tomorrow is my 50th birthday. I remain healthy and happily married after 18 years. I’m lucky because I haven’t suffered major health problems or divorce or struggle against depression or anxiety. My life hasn’t been as accomplished as Randy Pausch, … Continue reading

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A Magic Machine at Home

Kacie Hultgren, a theater set designer in New York, owns Pretty Small Things where she sells miniature furniture created with a magic machine, a Makerbot 3D printer. Hultgren also sells her art on Thingaverse, a universe of things created with … Continue reading

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Restore the White House Tours to the Public!

President Obama has eliminated tours of the White House to the public, the people who paid for the opulent building, as part of budget sequestration, an arcane political procedure whereby the USA government budget will increase by $7 trillion during … Continue reading

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Rich People Emigrating from Democracies to Dictatorship in Singapore

The Wall Street Journal explained why rich people are emigrating to the dictatorship in Singapore: Many Americans and Europeans just want a place where their investments can keep growing—hardly a problem in Singapore, smack in the middle of the fast-growing … Continue reading

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Is Warren Buffett a Liar?

One of the richest people in the world, Warren Buffett, says that he wants to pay more taxes because he pays a smaller percentage than his secretary. In the video below, Peter Schiff claims that Buffett is lying. Is that … Continue reading

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