Mark and Mary Brophy

Mark and Mary Brophy at Cerro Santa Lucia, Santiago de Chile

This is the personal blog of Mark and Mary Brophy. We are nomads staying in Austin, Texas for a year or more. We passed the last northern winter in Scottsdale, Arizona, where Mary lived 20 years ago, and passed the previous two winters in Santiago, Chile; the previous three winters in La Paz, Baja California Sur, Mexico, and passed the northern summers in Colorado and Southern California.

Mark is a private investor, ex-software engineer; jack for all trades, competent at many, master of none; a USA citizen living in Santiago, Chile discussing topics such as life in Chile, books, technology, law, business, and economics. Mary is an Internet Marketing consultant, and photographer during our travels. She enjoys software, visual arts, meeting entrepreneurs and discussing effective marketing strategies.

On our bad days, we publish info that some might find useful, and on our best days, our posts include links to writers who are smarter than us and have spent more time and money trying to answer questions that vex us and many others. We hope that you follow their links and enjoy their articles and blog posts, and return to make comments here. We often include YouTube videos and photography in our posts and galleries because the web is better for visual media than for reading. We disable comments on posts that fail to attract comments after a couple of months; this reduces the amount of spam we must delete.

We recommend the Amazon Kindle for people who enjoy reading because it is a revolutionary product that has changed our lives by enticing us to read and gain knowledge more often than during the Stone Age epoch when we could read only on paper or the web.

We are pleased that our most popular post, Why You Should Move to Santiago, Chile, published in March, 2011, and 5 other posts have been viewed more than one thousand times. We believe that voting with the feet is far more effective than voting in a ballot booth.