Adventures and Pictures from Boquete, Panama

The river a few miles upstream of downtown Boquete.

We uploaded two galleries from Boquete, Panama, near the Costa Rican border. The first is of the botanical garden by the river downtown, and the second is from a drive around the area and an excursion we made to Boquete Tree Trek, a tree canopy tour from a zip-line company with two other installations in Panama.

The Tree Trek was an adventure, but not in the way you might think. The company picked us up downtown in a truck and we rode with 13 others to the top of the mountain where the course starts. The mountain was unpaved, filled with slippery little rocks, and so steep that Mary wanted to get out and walk rather than ride in the back of the truck. I persuaded her to stay by noting that it’s less dangerous to ascend than descend, and promised that we would walk on the descent. However, she later changed her mind on the descent, we stayed in the truck, and it miraculously did not slide down the mountain. We’re still alive!

Beautiful wife in beautiful garden.

The installation consisted of 14 cables stretched across a river, each directed slightly downhill, similar to zigzagging down a ski mountain. It looked frightening at first, but once we were locked in place, it was less terrifying. The rides were fast and exhilarating, and Mary wouldn’t look down, so she missed the scenery. I concentrated on my body position the first few cables, but enjoyed the view from the others.

There were 4 people in our group that spoke both languages so well that it was impossible to discern which was their native language. If you want to learn Spanish or English, Panama may be the best place in the world. It’s much easier to learn from a teacher fluent in both languages, which is nearly impossible to find in Chile and Mexico.

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