Will Finland Bail Out Nokia?

The Wall Street Cheat Sheet asks, Does Nokia Need a Bailout? The company is as important to the Finnish economy as the big banks are to the economies of Europe and the USA, and the Finnish government participates in the economy as much as any country, and Nokia bonds are trading at a 50% discount, and Microsoft might bail them out only by valuing the “national treasure” cheaply, so why not?

One obstacle is that like most technology companies, Nokia is accustomed to pandering to customers, suppliers, and employees rather than the government, and Nokia considers the threat posed by competitors; while banks help governments collect corporate and individual income taxes. Are there any other obstacles to a bailout?

If international test scores are a good indicator, the Finnish education system is better than Europe and the USA and many United Statesians advocate emulating it because doing so would increase government power. What will highly educated Finns do if Nokia continues losing money? Will their schooling help them cope with a changing world?

Photo courtesy of Luca Conti via Flickr.

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