Bicycles in Santiago, New York, and Tokyo

Woman riding Dahon folding bike for commuters in New York City, Courtesy of Ed Yourdon

The woman on the left is riding a folding bike that is very convenient for commuting because it can be easily stored. I recently took a bus ride from Santiago to Mendoza, Argentina, and one of the other passengers brought his Dahon bike with him; it fit easily in the storage area of the bus. These bikes are very popular for commuting to work in Santiago even though it looks like an adult is riding a children’s bicycle.

Maipo Valley

Red Baron bicycle of steel remains standing after neutron bomb destroys people and knocks over other bicycles in Maipo Valley.

The Red Baron beach cruiser by Felt Bicycles, resembling a motorcycle, is made of durable steel, similar to Schwinn bicycles popular in the 1950’s before the advent of lighter aluminum bikes. Mine attracts attention in Santiago because of the unusual design. The semi-recumbent style with pedals positioned forward keeps my back upright. The conventional inclined posture makes climbing hills easier, but is unhealthy for the back.

Giant Revive Bicycle

Giant Revive semi-recumbent aluminum bicycle, Courtesy of Flickr.

This is a Giant Revive comfort bike, pictured here in Tokyo, similar to the Day 6 Journey that I rode for several years in Colorado. Like the Red Baron, the pedals are pushed forward to ease back strain, but it is made of aluminum, so it is much lighter.

The best bikes are made custom of titanium, which is stronger than steel and lighter than aluminum. If you can afford to spend $5000, you’ll never want to ride any other bike. Aluminum semi-recumbents are the best combination of good design and value, but are not available in Santiago.

The President of Day 6 Bicycles explains the benefits of the Day 6 Journey in the video below.

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