Bing Challenges Google on Search Quality

Microsoft reckons that their search engine, Bing, delivers better results than Google, so it has issued a challenge that Fortune magazine likens to the Pepsi challenge against Coke.

I typed “Spanish doctors working in Sweden” into Google via StartPage, Bing, and Blekko; the article I searched for about Spaniards emigrating to Sweden was placed third in Blekko and was absent from the Google and Bing results. Blekko claims that it is free from spam and I agree that the biggest problem with Google is spam. Bing fails to differentiate itself enough to entice me to switch. I still use StartPage to access Google but when I really must retrieve a good result, Blekko is my alternative rather than Bing. I use Google first rather than Blekko because I break bad habits reluctantly.

StartPage is useful because it strips away the IP address of the searcher and hands the request off to Google. The USA government forces Google to turn over data from millions of users and I gain nothing from their spying, so StartPage helps keep my privacy.

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