Black Child Beatings in the South and North

Former professional basketball player Charles Barkley grew up in the southern USA.

The Minnesota Vikings football team suspended a player because he beat his child, so former professional basketball player Charles Barkley defended the father, stating that most black parents in the southern USA beat their children, and that it is impractical to incarcerate all of them. This raises the question of whether most black parents in the northern half of the country beat their children, too. I haven’t seen this discussed but the speech below of President Obama, given to the NAACP on the 100th anniversary of the group, suggests that northern blacks raise their children similarly to southern blacks. In the middle of the video, President Obama, discussing being a good parent with a smile on his face, describes how much fun it would be to beat neighborhood children, and the black audience responds with thunderous applause.

Meanwhile, black politician Jesse Jackson is lobbying Apple, Google, Facebook, and other technology companies to hire more blacks. It hasn’t occurred to him that while the kind of people that beat children, and/or were beaten as children, often excel as professional athletes in violent sports like football, they might not excel as often in developing technology products where violence isn’t as useful. People who have trouble controlling their temper and emotions when they are frustrated and angry make poor engineers and scientists. Developing software is often very frustrating.

Companies are most often motivated to earn profits rather than advance social agendas of racial or other political groups.

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