Our Neighbors in Bucerías, Nayarit

Our rental house in Bucerías.

I took a walk around the block of our house in Bucerías, Nayarit today and snapped some pictures. We’re in the low rent district 6 blocks from the beach. We must cross the highway and walk 10 minutes to access the beach. We have been lucky that we found a rental house in the best town in the area. We don’t like Puerto Vallarta because it was built long ago and doesn’t meet the needs of tourists today. The sidewalks are uneven and there are few safe places to ride a bike; beach access points are rare, so only hotel guests can enjoy the beach; walking on the beach is a chore because every resort obstructs the path by marking the property lines with a row of boulders on each side all the way to the water.

Mary and Venus on the patio of our rental house.

Bucerías is much better, with beach access points every 3 blocks, so people can walk without obstructions for 2 miles. Bicycling is safe here; I’ve rode 10 miles north to the small town of Punta de Mita. There are only a few thousand permanent residents of Bucerías but it attracts many tourists from the southern cities of Nuevo Vallarta and Puerto Vallarta; it has many more restaurants with live entertainment and other tourist amenities than other small towns. We saw The Blond Gypsies, Latcho and Andrea, play flamenco guitar on a Monday night at Sandrina’s Restaurant. We enjoyed Christmas dinner watching Armi Grano sing at Encore Restaurant and Lounge.

Art on the patio of our rental house.

The Dorado seafood distributor building.

Canadians are revered so much in Bucerías that even the laundromat is named after them.

Suffering dog incarcerated outside in patio pines for indoor living.

We live across the street from Quinta Eden but haven't met the owners.

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