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Psychologist Explains the Engine of Capitalism

Governments often believe that most jobs are created by small businesses and that governments should encourage job creation. Psychologist Daniel Kahneman discusses, “the engine of capitalism” in his book, Thinking, Fast and Slow. The remainder of this post is direct … Continue reading

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Climate Change and Global Warming in Chile

It’s a good thing the “global warming” movement changed it’s name to the broader “climate change” because Chile suffered the coldest winter in 80 years. Arctic and Antarctic ice is spreading and Chilean fruit growers have lost millions of pounds … Continue reading

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President Obama Invests in Chile Solar

President Obama has invested $200m in a solar plant in the Atacama Desert in Chile using one of his venture capital funds, the Overseas Private Investment Corporation (“OPIC”). The “Private” moniker is a fraud as it is wholly owned government … Continue reading

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A Chilean Works in Canada

From Jamie Moreno at Quora, commenting on What facts about the United States do foreigners not believe until they come to America? When my husband moved here (to Canada) he was a Chilean living in Spain. When he first arrived, … Continue reading

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Taxing iTunes Music and Other Intangibles

Nathanael Arnold from Wall Street Cheat Sheet asks, Although the First Sale doctrine in U.S. copyright law gives you the right to sell your physical media products after you “first” purchased them, the law currently does not extend that doctrine … Continue reading

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A “Temporary” Tax Becomes Permanent in Chile

According to 4-traders: Chilean fuel and forestry conglomerate Empresas Copec SA (COPEC.SN) and pulp and paper producer Empresas CMPC SA (CMPC.SN) each will post a one-time tax charge in their third-quarter earnings, the companies said in separate filings with the … Continue reading

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Bing Challenges Google on Search Quality

Microsoft reckons that their search engine, Bing, delivers better results than Google, so it has issued a challenge that Fortune magazine likens to the Pepsi challenge against Coke. I typed “Spanish doctors working in Sweden” into Google via StartPage, Bing, … Continue reading

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Peter Thiel on Dictatorships in Business

Peter Thiel, founder of PayPal, taught a course on technology business and one of his students published his lecture notes, including his thoughts on dictatorships. A startup is basically structured as a monarchy. We don’t call it that, of course. … Continue reading

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Start-Up Chile Participant Gympact Attracts Investment

Very few of the participants of Start-Up Chile have impressed investors but Gympact, producing software to motivate people to go to the gym, leveraged their gift from the Chilean government to get into Techstars, a prestigious accelerator with good connections … Continue reading

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Chile Subsidizing Argentine Incubator

According to SmartPlanet, Chile is subsidizing Argentine technology business incubator Nxtp.Labs. The Argentines operate a conventional incubator where the investors expect to profit by taking equity in return for mentorship and capital. Start-Up Chile, in contrast, invests without receiving equity … Continue reading

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