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National Geographic Discusses Dead Chilean Fish

National Geographic wrote about the Chilean seafood industry, excerpted below. Images of death have been arriving from southern Chile for weeks, each one seemingly more apocalyptic than the last. First there were thousands of dead salmon in aquaculture cages. Then … Continue reading

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Where was the Biggest Surf Yesterday?

Vina del Mar in Chile is a good candidate.

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How Would President Trump Deal With Chile and Peru?

Leading Republican candidate Donald Trump announced today that he would force Apple to, “build their damn computers and things” in the USA, making America great again. Trump wants the USA to be like Argentina, a country that manufactures phones at … Continue reading

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Thousands Of Dead Squid Are Washing Up In Chile

Thousands of squid washed up dead on Santa Maria Island in Chile and 300 whales beached themselves in Chilean Patagonia. A large group of Chileans saved a beached whale.

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Wall Street Journal Exposes Startup Chile Fraud

The Wall Street Journal reports that the Startup Chile program is a huge waste of government funds. Start-Up Chile spent $40 million on grants, its economic achievements have been limited. About 80% of the foreign firms that are accepted leave … Continue reading

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Will the Internet Make Chileans More Trustworthy?

Journalist John Stossel wrote an interesting essay about what untrustworthy people like Chileans and other Latin Americans can do to increase business with people from rich countries. Trust—society depends on it. For most of history, our ancestors lived in clans … Continue reading

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Will Chile Become Famous for Failure?

Investor’s Business Daily (IBD) opines: In Chile, the refusal to learn is not from inertia but from success. Michelle Bachelet’s socialist government swapped 6% GDP growth in 2013 for 1.8% growth in 2014. How? By hiking government spending 9% and … Continue reading

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Chilean Runs 120 Marathons in 60 Days

Chilean runner Matías Anguita ran the length of Chile in 63 days, including 2 marathons nearly each day. He started running long ago as a means of giving up smoking, a habit of many Chileans. I can’t even run 3 … Continue reading

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Tax Increases in Chile

This post is from a Chilean reader of this blog. – Mark A little help to your readers about a Tax Reform under heavy discussion in Chile presently. Basically is going to affect much more Chilean business owners than foreigners. … Continue reading

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Chile Increases Taxes to Fund More Government Education

Chile passed a huge tax increase to further socialize education but the National Bureau of Economic Research isn’t convinced that it will work well. We investigate whether the inclusion of social rights in political constitutions affects social performance. More specifically, … Continue reading

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