Chile Competing Against Europe and USA for Migrants

The moribund economies of the USA and Europe is driving some migrants to Chile, according to the Wall Street Journal:

It sounds like the typical American dream for an immigrant: Each month, Marco Antonio Serna sends $500 to his parents, wife and 17-year-old daughter back in Colombia. Except Mr. Serna, 43 years old, didn’t migrate to the U.S. for work; he went to Chile, where he is employed at a small casino outside Santiago.

“There’s a big community of Colombians here,” the former factory worker says…

Mr. Serna of Colombia says he was turned down twice when he applied for a visa to the U.S. In Chile, he says that he has a work permit and “all my documents in order.” He no longer dreams of the U.S., he says: “I have stability here.”

Colombians and Peruvians have flocked to Chile to work in the service sector and to Panama to help expand the canal and airport, as well as build a new subway system in Panama City…

Nearly 44% of immigrants to Chile have a university degree, according to the government. It is attracting Spaniards and Ecuadoreans who previously lived in Spain, in addition to Colombians, Dominicans and others who historically focused on the U.S…

A decade ago, Chile was a net recipient of remittances, with inbound transfers representing 70% of the money crossing the nation’s borders, according to Western Union. Last year, outbound transfers exceeded inbound 60-40 for the company, and so far this year the ratio is the same.

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