Chilean Miner Rescue and the Demise of USA Capitalism

A newspaper article a few days ago reported that President Obama is considering small cuts to the federal budget, to which I commented that small cuts will not suffice, the government has grown enormous, the situation is bleak and unlikely to change, and that voting in a ballot box is less meaningful than voting with your feet, so I moved to Chile. Oregonian Ted Thomas replied below. – Mark

I don’t wish to criticize your decision to move to Chile at all. However, just to make a point which bears repeating not to you, but to all of those who despise “the profit motive”, and want to punish “greedy corporations” by taking ever larger chunks of their profits:

October 13, 2010, 33 Chilean miners were rescued from what very likely would have been their tomb, where it not for a 110 year old privately held company in West Chester, Pennsylvania, and their unique drilling technology developed using their retained earnings (the ‘Schramm T-130), and the ingenuity and industry of their non-union employees. Many are not aware that the hole being drilled by the team from Pennsylvania (Plan B), was one of three simultaneous drilling operations, one of which (Plan C) employed one of the largest drills of it’s kind, and was the last to arrive at the mine site due to the logistics required to get it there:

“RIG-421 is a Diesel-Electric Triple that was 43 meters (141 ft) tall and needed 40 truckloads to bring its pieces from Iquique, Chile to Copiap√≥. 10,000 cubic meters (13,000 cu yd) of rock and gravel were cleared to make a stable platform for it on the rough hillside.”

During the rescue operation, all of the drills experienced multiple mechanical failures, and there were periods of time when the trapped miners knew the drilling operations had stopped as the drill teams attempted to repair and restart their equipment. The biggest one, Plan-C, had shut down and was being repaired when the team from Pennsylvania finally broke through on October 12th. Had it not been for the dramatically faster Schramm T-130 designed, built and operated by American entrepreneurs, the miners would have remained underground for a minimum of two more months, with no certainty whatsoever that they could survive that long, or that any of the drill teams would successfully reach them.

This is the legacy (and hope for the future) of free-enterprise and free market competition, which Mr. Obama and the Democratic party are attempting to destroy. This is the proven work-product of the profit-motive, which they despise, and which they seek to encumber in favor of ‘the entitlement motive’, a form of collective economic tyranny which has failed every time, and in every form it has been tried throughout history.

It is the ingenuity and industry of individual Americans, “in the pursuit of happiness”, which has transformed and literally defined the modern world we live in. Those who feed off of that legacy, and seek to liquidate the wealth of this country in order to justify and pay for their academic theories of social justice, are simply beneath contempt.

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