Crossing Borders in the USA, Canada and Mexico

According to the Buffalo News, “gruff and unpleasant security officers” are hurting the Niagara Falls tourist industry, so many Canadians are staying on their side of the border. Mary and I experienced the same problem last month when we returned from a driving trip to Mexican Sonora south of Arizona, but we were relieved because it was less offensive than the airports. Nobody fondled our private parts, unlike the “intimate pat-down” (as described by the Christian Science Monitor) the government requested from Senator Rand Paul at the airport. Apparently, the USA government trains employees to be obnoxious to foreigners and citizens and it doesn’t bother them when it damages the economy. Mexico has noticed the rudeness, too, so to entice tourists spooked by their disastrous Drug War, they are brag about not hassling you in Mexican Sonora south of Phoenix and Tucson.

Right before entering Arizona, they warn you that the party is over, so prepare yourself for a hassle.

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