A Bike Trailer for Your Best Friend

DoggyRide trailer

I met a guy in Scottsdale the other day taking his dog for a ride on a DoggyRide trailer. The manufacturer says:

DoggyRide is since 2003 the pioneer in dog bike trailers and in some markets the term has become synonymous with taking your dog on a bike ride. Enjoy the ride together. Whether it is a ride to the park, a bike vacation trip, or a cross country (or world) trek the DoggyRide has proven to be the most reliable dog bike trailer or stroller.

I always leave my dog Venus at home during long trips because she can only run 4 miles and my Burley Nomad trailer only carries cargo. I carry lunch, a beach towel, and my Kindle for reading in the park. The trailer is useful for grocery shopping, too.

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