Emigrating From the USA to Chile

Libertarian Ellie Dee emigrated from the USA to Chile in 2006 because:

I was fed up / concerned / worried / scared / outraged / freaked out / saddened about:
– the increasing police state
– the increasingly absurd news headlines
– the increasing worry over the US’s economic conditions
– the worsening dollar and the actions of the federal reserve
– the overabundance of laws that invariably make everyone a criminal
– the decline of civility and the increase in the culture of violence
– the anti-free market, anti-achievement culture
– the acceleration (quickening) of things such as questionable mass-shootings, questionable terrorist attacks
– the environment that I would be raising my future children
– the increasing radiation threat from fukushima
– the increasing apathy of the American people
– the war being waged on our farmers
– the war on drugs as a pretext to assault our liberties
– the war on the second amendment

….I am a thinker and a doer, but I am not a fighter – particularly in the face of what I perceive as overwhelming opposition – whether this opposition be in government, or in the disinformed, over-fluoridated, over-medicated, under-stimulated masses who worship their captors.

There are different ways to fight tyranny:
– You can fight with arms, which I will not do.
– You can fight with a pen, which I gave up on doing
– You can fight by simply communicating with my fellow man, one-on-one, which I continue to do
– You can starve the beast, by withdrawing your consent, and voting with your feet, going to another place that your kind is welcomed and can flourish….

I’m amazed at how I meet people all over the world who are decidedly more American than Americans are – in their independence, self-reliance, refusal to submit, their entrepreneurism, their determination to carve out their own destiny, their reluctance to accept caste, class or predestination – whether they be a humble person on a street corner who buys bottled water or fruit in bulk, and sells it to me or a profit, or the legions of young people with the fire of creativity and entrepreneurism that burn in their eyes. America no longer corners the market in opportunity, quality of living, or wealth-building potential….

Because Chile has already experienced oppressive, bloodthirsty government through both radical marxism (Allende), and radical fascism (Pinochet), the Chilean political environment is centrist. Currently, they have a center-right president. Next election, they’ll have a center-left president. NO consecutive terms are allowed for president. As a result of Allende and Pinochet, the Chilean people harbor an innate, healthy mistrust of government, and do what they can to prevent the government from amassing more power. As a result, government employees (public servants) consider themselves advocates of the people, rather than blind enforcers.

Ellie’s post, We left the U.S. We chose Chile is long, detailed, and written well. If you’re curious about how libertarians think, it’s an interesting post. If you’re not a libertarian, you probably would not enjoy living in Chile. For instance, Ellie states:

Chile has loose gun laws compared to its neighbors. Each household can have up to eight guns. That means your 10-month older can be the proud owner of a Mossberg. There is a permit and registration process, but it’s easy, cheap, and navigable.

If you are a libertarian, Chile warrants serious consideration, especially Santiago, and the new Freedom Orchard development targets libertarians.

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