The Fall of the United States

The fall of the United States is becoming sadder every day. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton recently returned from a trip to Africa where she warned Africans that her administration would look unkindly at nations that cooperate with natural resource investors. Her comment was a thinly veiled reference to the Chinese buying shares of mines that produce metals from Africa, Australia, Chile, and other sources.

The Chinese responded that Clinton made a vicious rude cheap shot and that the Chinese contribution to Africa was investment, not drones. They were referring to military weapons that the USA has recently deployed in Somalia, east Africa, that are causing congestion in the air, according to the Washington Post. The USA military has also opened another drone base in nearby Djibouti along with Air Force bases in Ethiopia and the Seychelles, also in east Africa.

What a switch from 30 years ago! In those days, China was a Communist country without a viable economy to produce surplus resources to invest outside the country. Instead, they threatened other countries with military force. Typically, the Chinese would threaten Taiwan and the USA would respond by sending a few aircraft carriers and nuclear submarines to Asia to protect the thriving Taiwanese capitalists.

The USA has incurred substantially more than a trillion dollars of new debt in each of the last 5 years. For what reasons? To deploy drones and construct Air Force bases in east Africa? Last July, Congress had an opportunity to address deficit spending during the debate to raise the debt ceiling. Unfortunately, rather than arresting the irresponsible spending, they postponed budget cuts and tax increases until January, 2013, after the November election for President. Congress also set up a commission to identify $900b in specific cuts spread over 10 years.

The first problem with the scheme is that $900b in cuts over 10 years is only $90b per year, less than 9% of the annual deficit. The second is that commissions almost never accomplish anything useful, as Presidential candidate Ron Paul stated when the deal was enacted.

United Statesians like to believe that the country always recovers from adversity and is different from the defunct Soviet Union and Nazi Germany. Is it really different? All governments grow over time until they become centralized, wasteful, and tyrannical. The British empire collapsed very quickly in the 50’s and 60’s after ruling the world for 99 years from the time of the defeat of Napolean in 1815 until the start of The Great War in 1914.

The deficits and wasteful military spending are major signs of the fall of the United States. Chile, Panama, Peru, Singapore, and Hong Kong are thriving.

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