Fall Vacation in Southern Utah and California

Mary and I passed October in Southern Utah, near St. George next to the Nevada border, Palm Springs, and Tehachapi, a small town in the mountains above the Mojave Desert in Southern California. Some of the pictures below are from a tramway that ascends 5000 feet from hot desert floor of Palm Springs to the much cooler mountains. The tramway is twice as long as a ski lift and the ascent is the second steepest in the world. The soil is sandy so the pine trees grow wide trunks and deep strong roots. The temperature the day we went was 95 at the bottom and 70 at the top. The locals take their kids to the mountaintop in winter to introduce them to snow. We visited a horse rescue ranch and farms that raise alpaca and ostritch in Tehachapi.

These bull elk sparred to establish mating rights next to a parking lot in Tehachapi, California.

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