Is Google Using Obama to Hobble Competitors?

The Street claims, Google Turns From Innovator to Washington Insider:

If any industry and region has embodied the spirit of creativity and unapologetic change, it has been Silicon Valley. But the upstart is now part of the establishment with a corner K Street office, Washington’s famed lobbying corridor…. The company is trying to convince government regulators to bar a new technology that will help alleviate annoying congestion for wireless users. Google claims it is looking out for consumers…. If this were not bad enough, Google has found an ally that is the very picture of an entrenched corporate interest. Comcast (CMCSA), the cable giant, is known to use lobbying, philanthropy and political contributions to influence decision-makers inside the capital…. But far from being driven by a need to protect consumers, Google and Comcast are attempting to take advantage of a burdensome regulatory system in Washington to fend off competition.

Google is famous for their “Don’t Be Evil” slogan but every big company in a socialist country will befriend the economic planners in Washington, Beijing, Tokyo, Berlin, Paris, or London. Evil is inevitable as long as governments can print unlimited money not backed by a limited resource such as gold or silver. Maybe someday Bitcoin, PayPal or some new technology will sidestep governments but it’s hard to imagine today. We need more companies like Uber that must weaken governments to prosper.

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