Former Governor Joins Brophy Airport Boycott

Google Earth image of Baja California, home of former Minnesota Governor Jesse Ventura.

Sometimes I feel like the only sane person in the world, as hardly anyone has joined my boycott of USA airports. Doesn’t it bother you that the government exposes you to x-ray radiation or fondles your private parts? Fortunately, I’m not completely alone.

Former Minnesota Governor Jesse Ventura announced that he’ll no longer fly from airports in the USA, and is seeking citizenship from Mexico. It is unclear whether he seeks dual citizenship, but Obama usually requests renunciation when a USA citizen becomes a citizen of another country.

Ventura is angry because he filed a lawsuit claiming that the government cannot search him at the airport without probable cause that he committed a crime. The court discarded his suit, claiming had no jurisdiction, even though it was a federal court and the suit pertained to a federal question.

It takes 5 years to earn citizenship in Mexico and the applicant must live there at least 8 months of the year. Mary and I passed 3 winters in La Paz, Baja California Sur, about 50 miles north of Ventura’s home near Cabo San Lucas. Although the Mexican government will treat him better at the airport, they will treat him like a criminal in other places. For example, if he drives down the peninsula of Baja California, he will mostly enjoy a scenic treat, but will be stopped 6 times at military checkpoints, and his car will be searched each time. The soldiers are searching for drugs, and are paid by the government of the USA using funds from the Mérida Initiative.

The military in Mexico can indiscriminately search you anytime they please, and Mary and I were their latest victims. We are renting a storage unit in La Paz, and one of the other customers was using his unit to store drugs. The Mexican Army found out and not only searched the unit owned by the drug dealer, but also broke the locks of 300 other units, including ours, so that they could search for drugs. They also treated the owner of the storage business, a Canadian, as if he were a criminal, even though he has no idea what his customers keep in their units.

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