La Hacienda in Santiago, Panama

Painting of Mexican scene at La Hacienda, Santiago, Panama.

We poorly planned a trip to Boquete, Panama by renting a car in Panama City rather than flying to David, the city an hour drive away from Boquete. If you’re going to Boquete, or sailing in the Las Bocas islands on the Caribbean side, or visiting the western beaches on the Pacific, renting a car in David is more convenient and saves time.

The city of Santiago lies halfway between Panama City and Boquete and is an hour from the beach town of Santa Catalina. There is not much happening in Santiago, but we found a very nice hotel with a Mexican theme called La Hacienda, described by Boquete Guide. It fills on weekends with tourists from the city and caters to people like us who are travelling west towards Costa Rica.

Bench in La Hacienda, Santiago, Panama.

Courtyard of La Hacienda, Santiago, Panama.

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