Heartwarming News from Chile

Rob Woodward, a New Zealander that has been living in Chile since 1997 and his wonderful Chilean wife Angélica Prieto are retiring young. Rob started his business, Woodward Chile, 10 years ago when he was 30 and has been spectacularly successful, showing that Chile offers opportunities for expats. Read more on his blog announcement.

The news from Argentina is not so good, as they have banned book imports to prevent citizens from poisoning themselves with ink.

According to the government, it can be dangerous to “page through” a book that has high lead quantities in its ink. “If you put you finger in your mouth after paging through a book, that can be dangerous,” said Juan Carlos Sacco, the vice-president of an industrialist organization that supports the measure.

The government claims that this is not a ban. However, since each buyer has to demonstrate at the airport’s customs office that the ink in the purchased book has lead quantities no higher than 0.006% in its chemical composition, the result is that all book imports into the country are stalled.

The measure has a lot to do with the increasing efforts of the Argentine government to stop the flight of dollars out of the country. Capital flight in 2011 reached $21.5 billion, and it accelerated after the reelection of Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner in October. Facing increasing fiscal pressures, and after seizing private pension funds and raiding the Central Bank’s reserves, many people expect the government to go after their bank savings.

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