How Much is the Dividend From Clean Government?

The dividend from clean government is at least $3000 per person per year. While the European Union, China, Japan, India, Brazil, and the United States believe that printing money and incurring debt are the secret to prosperity, Switzerland has done the opposite, carrying a light debt load, creating a large demand for the Swiss franc, allowing them to print francs and earn a large profit. According to the Wall Street Journal, Switzerland’s First-World Problem: What to Do With $750 Billion:

Thanks to its efforts to weaken the franc, the Swiss central bank has amassed $750 billion in stocks, bonds and cash.

That has provoked a lively debate in Switzerland: What should the country do with all of that? And whose money is it, anyway?

For now, the Swiss National Bank holds on to it, and invests it around the world—but not in Switzerland. It held $2.7 billion in Apple Inc. stock, for instance, at the end of March. Some lawmakers and many economists think a sovereign-wealth fund created outside the SNB should invest a chunk at home.

The SNB’s profit last year was 24.5 billion francs ($25.4 billion), or about $3,000 per Swiss resident….

The SNB makes bank because so many foreigners want the safety of Swiss assets and have poured cash into Switzerland. To keep the franc from rocketing up and damaging Swiss exporters, the central bank has been printing Swiss francs and selling them. The consequence: The central bank owns buckets of foreign assets, acquired essentially for free.

The Federal Reserve Banks of the United States remitted $107b of profits to the central government, or $331 per resident. In other words, Swiss residents earned 9x as much as USA residents.

The Swiss not only earn higher government profits and pay less interest on government debt but also live 4 years longer. Swiss men live longer than men in any country. They achieve their longer life span while spending 12% of GDP on health care while the USA spends 18%. Switzerland accepts the qualifications of European doctors while the USA requires a second residency, greatly increasing costs and discouraging foreigners from relieving the shortage of doctors. One reason that the Swiss might live longer is that 37% sport a body mass index greater than 25 compared to 67% in the USA.

The Swiss also earn more money, about 10% more GDP per person.

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