The Inaugural Santiago Infotech Start-Up Meeting was a Big Success

We had a great inaugural meeting of the Santiago Infotech Start-Up meeting last night with 10 people from Chile, United States, Germany, Britain, and the Netherlands. All the foreigners, except for featured speaker Dirk Roettges and Jose Antonio Zambrano, arrived in Santiago within the last year, and included two Chileans returning to Santiago after a long absence. Dirk described his four years in Santiago and stimulated an animated discussion.

What I found most striking and gratifying is that the group maintained a single polite conversation, without dominance from any individual, rather than breaking up into smaller groups. We’ve had a variety of experiences in our lives and became richer from having met each other. Thanks Jaap, Benjamin, Felix, Dirk, Antonio, Carlos, Darren, Daniel and Mary!

We discussed a wide variety of topics, including what motivates people, especially those who start businesses, to produce great works. I opined that Google is an innovative company because they give each of their engineers a day each week to devote to their own projects, and that if that had happened when I was a software engineer 14 years ago, I probably would never have left the field. This video explains that phenomenon and others about the science of motivation studies.

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