Intolerance in Rural Arizona

Intolerance in Show Low, Arizona.

I passed the sign pictured at left yesterday while riding my bike in Show Low, a small rural town in east central Arizona. The USA is a great place to travel in a recreational vehicle, but like a parent abusing a child or Hitler in his war room with his generals, governments in the USA not only are intolerant, but proudly boast and shout about their despicable attitude when they ought to be hiding it and trying to reform. After all, even Hitler ordered the removal of anti-Jewish signs before the 1936 Olympics to avoid embarrassing himself!

The attitude of functionaries and legislators in the USA is that regardless of how many innocent citizens are offended, government action is desirable when a functionary conceives of an unlikely case where crime is thwarted. It’s the reason that they perform security theater in airports and block roads for sobriety checkpoints, treating everyone as a criminal. Did you know that legislators successfully pressured Apple and other phone vendors to censor apps that inform drivers of checkpoints?

California might be even more intolerant than Arizona. According to Reason magazine:

“officials at the Life Learning Academy have suspended Courtni Webb and are threatening to expel her. Webb authored a poem about the shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School in which she wrote, “I understand the killings in Connecticut. I know why he pulled the trigger.” School officials say that violated their zero tolerance policy on violence or threats of violence.”

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