Transforming an iPad into a Laptop

According to Business Insider, a company is using Kickstarter to fund development of a keyboard to transform an iPad into a laptop:

Entrepreneurs are working on Brydge, a keyboard case and speakers for an iPad. It’s seeking $90,000 in funding and, if complete, it will produce an aluminum cover that weighs 1.3 pounds (2.74 when connected to the iPad) and is 0.33 inches think…. Apple has already said it won’t be making a product like this. During its earnings call, Tim Cook said, “You can converge a toaster and a refrigerator, but those things are probably not going be pleasing to the user.”

I bought a Samsung Series 7 at the Microsoft Store in Scottsdale after the hard disk on my laptop died two weeks ago. The Series 7 is a laptop with solid state memory like a MacBook Air or Intel ultrabook or iPad, no moving mechanical parts like a hard disk, making it more reliable. It snaps off the docking station for use as a tablet that Microsoft and Samsung call a slate, providing most of the functionality of an iPad. The Brydge seems to include better speakers than the Series 7. The Series 7 can’t zoom in and out based on finger gestures, but the user can use fingers to press buttons and scroll. The Series 7 includes a stylus that is better than an iPad for some apps.

I love this machine because it combines the best of the tablet and laptop worlds, or as Samsung claims, it is an amazing marriage of power and design. The Series 7 has a USB port in the main unit and another in the docking station, plus HDMI ports so that I can attach a nig monitor at my desk. I stopped using my iPad and foresee Apple being forced to offer a competitive product within the next two years. The biggest disadvantage of the Series 7 is that it requires a fan to cool the x86 processor, adding significant audible noise. Many people have written off Microsoft but their demise is greatly exaggerated.

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