Killer Beetles Attack Trees on California Golf Course

Giraffe wood sculpture at Sea Pines Golf Resort in Los Osos, CA.

A group of merciless beetles murdered every tree on the Sea Pines Golf Resort in Los Osos, California, at the south end of Morro Bay, halfway between Los Angeles and San Francisco.

The resort is planning to create 7 wood sculptures from the remains of the dead trees. The first is a beautiful giraffe and a pair of bears is under construction. Other animals such as dolphins will be sculpted, too. Since the course is on the coast, I think they should make a sea lion, elephant seal, otter, cormorant, seagull, and great white shark, too.

Golfers make the long drive to avoid high golfing expenses in the densely populated parts of the state. Sea Pines charges $12 for 9 holes and the resort includes a hotel and restaurant.

Bear wood sculpture under construction at Sea Pines Golf Resort in Los Osos, CA.

Sea Pines is part of a group of 7 courses known as the Central Coast Golf Trail. They also offer horseback riding on the spit of sand dunes that protects the boats the harbor in Morro Bay. Kayaking is popular at high tide.

Central Coast Outdoors offers guided bike and hiking tours. Scenic Coast Wineries is a group of four wineries from Morro Bay to Cambria that offers tastings.

The central coast of California is fairly cold 10 months each year, while September and October are very pleasant. Ice plants bloomed in April when we were there, as shown in our Los Osos slideshow. A group of 10 local residents recently escaped for a week to enjoy the blistering heat of the Pacific coast of Panama. They’re nice people and we hope they return!

Morro Bay harbor and Los Osos, California as seen from the city of Morro Bay. Photo courtesy of Wikipedia.

Mural in Los Osos, California, courtesy of Mike Baird via Flickr.

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