Martial Law in the USA

Greece and Michigan foreshadow other sections of the USA and Europe during the next 10 years. According to The Center for Media and Democracy:

The week of April 10-16 saw the layoff of every public school teacher in Detroit, and the initial fruition of the highly-contested bill that allows emergency financial managers to have unconditional control over a city in a financial emergency. The city of Benton Harbor, Michigan, declared to be in a financial emergency by Governor Rick Snyder, now knows that, according the Snyder, the voter’s voice doesn’t really matter anymore.

Joseph Harris, the city’s new Emergency Financial Manager (EFM), dismantled the entire government, only allowing city boards and commissions to call a meeting to order, approve of meeting minutes and adjourn a meeting.

The law that allows Harris to “exercise any power or authority of any office, employee, department, board, commission, or similar entity of the City, whether elected or appointed,” was passed in March after the urging of Governor Snyder, and despite thousands of protesters who came to the Lansing capitol throughout February and March.

DeSoto manufactured in Benton Harbor in 1942, courtesy of bsabrnowl via Flickr.

When a dictatorial or democratic institution works poorly, it must be abolished and replaced with something that might work better. The average income in Benton Harbor is $8,965, about 10% lower than Brazil and Peru, and 35% less than Chile, Argentina, and Mexico. This is especially disgraceful when you consider that citizens can sell their goods unhindered by tariffs and other barriers to 340 million rich people in the USA and Canada.

Many Greeks are emigrating to Australia and the Portuguese are emigrating to Brazil. Have you identified your destination? I think the best country to migrate to is Chile, but Panama is another good alternative.

Melbourne and other cities have attracted 365,000 Greeks to Australia. Photo courtesy of Hai Lin Truong via Flickr.

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