Medical School Quotas Hurts Everyone

Commentary magazine published, Medical School Quotas and National Health:Discrimination that Hurts Us All, in 1953, a problem that persists 64 years later.

America’s single most important welfare problem—most authorities have long agreed—is the endangering of the nation’s health by a shortage of medical care and particularly of doctors; and this supposedly organizationally ingenious nation has not yet found a way of improving this situation.

Attorney Steven Babitsky says the same problem persists today and he
helps foreign and domestic doctors navigate the absurdly complex legal system.

The United States has both a critical physician shortage and one of the most advanced health care systems in the world. Those two factors, plus the traditional attractions the country has to offer, make the United States one of the top destinations for the world’s best medical school graduates. But even though the country is not producing enough physicians and even though it will take decades to reach the needed number of home-grown physicians, the U.S. immigration system makes it difficult for international physicians to come to the United States to work. To do so, most international physicians must first secure a visa to work in a residency or a fellowship training program. In fact, more than 25% of the physicians now training in residency and fellowship programs are international medical graduates. Next, these physicians typically need to secure a work visa to remain in the United States and go into private practice or other work opportunities. Securing first the visa to train in the United States and then the visa to work in the country are difficult tasks, and there are many pitfalls along the way that stifle a physician’s aspirations to train and practice in the United States.

Most physicians seeking to enter the United States to practice medicine must initially engage in training before they can move into private, academic, or other clinically oriented practice areas. This is largely because licensing requirements in each state require training in the United States, and without a license, a visa is not an option. For the vast majority of international physicians, the first step to coming to the United States involves getting accepted into a residency or a fellowship program.

Foreign doctors should be allowed to practice without completing a residency. If their customers don’t require that experience, the government should leave them alone to freely live as they see fit. President Trump wrongly claims that we allow too many immigrants but we disparage foreigners who could enrich the country.

The United States has many political problems that have persisted since 1953. The unresponsiveness of the polity dooms the country to permanent stagnation. Splitting it into many countries is the only viable solution and ejecting California would be a good first step. They hate President Trump and might be happy to secede.

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