Does Mexico Suffer More Crime Than the USA?

Many Unitedstatesians refuse to go to Mexico because crime is too high but it’s a big problem in many parts of the USA, too. Detroit accountant Karen De Coster describes why carrying a gun is essential in her city:

Predictably, when a teenage boy is saved from a ruthless attacker by a stranger with a handgun, it isn’t national news. Good thing this kid wasn’t in Chicago or New York. Like I noted in yesterday’s blog post – no one ever needs to carry a gun because bad things never happen to you. Bad things only happen to other people, and even then, you should be a good citizen and take your chances that you will be able to beg your way out of a rape, murder, vicious beating, or even torture, as some maniac with no respect for life, and nothing to lose, is pumping adrenalin over the thought of invading you violently and/or taking your life. Tell Matt Landry’s parents that it only happens to other people after their son was abducted from my neighborhood, taken to a burned-out house in Detroit, tortured, and then shot “execution-style in the head” by two teenage monsters. And then go ahead and post another ignorant, anti-gun post on my Facebook page.

Many other cities such as New Orleans, St. Louis, Baltimore, Cleveland, and Oakland suffer high crime and even the richest cities like Washington, New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Boston are more dangerous than popular ex-pat destinations in Mexico such as Cabo San Lucas, Puerto Vallarta, Cancún, and San Miguel de Allende. When I lived in Santa Monica alongside movie stars and Google millionaires, people told me to avoid leaving my dog alone due to the danger of kidnapping:

Newspapers such as the Los Angeles Times ran articles advising readers on how to prevent their dogs from being stolen. Celebrities continued to be targeted, with NASCAR driver Junior Johnson’s dog being returned after he offered a $1,000 reward; a group of three men said that they had simply found the dog, although when they met with Johnson they took the care to cover the licence plate of their car with a paper bag. By 1976, more than a hundred dogs per month were being taken and held for ransom in Chicago alone…. The American Kennel Club began to track pet thefts in the United States in 2007, and found that in 2009 alone a 30% increase has been seen in this type of crime…. Dognapping has evolved over the years, with one method now used by prospective criminals being to respond to adverts placed on the Internet selling puppies and entering family homes posing as purchasers to view the dogs before stealing them under threat of violence.

A bicycle theft gang in Austin, Texas invaded my apartment complex and stole my bicycle; they broke my neighbor’s Kryptonite lock and stole his bike, too. In contrast, Mexico is safer because most condos and apartments for tourists and ex-pats are protected by a guard at the entrance.

Mexico and the USA are great countries with many cities where people don’t need to carry a gun everywhere. People choose dangerous cities in both countries because they offer many economic opportunities. You serve yourself poorly by rejecting either country based solely on crime.

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