Mexico Solves Problem of Ignorant Voters

Beer and guac in Mexico courtesy of Rafael Gorski via Flickr.

One of the big problems with democracies is that many voters haven’t the foggiest idea of how politics works and don’t even know the name of their representatives. Tired of irrational voters, the Mexican government has solved the problem with Dry Days, a period when alcohol is prohibited. Why can’t other countries figure out that voters make foolish decisions because they’re drunk?

The dry period goes into affect at noon on June 30th, and stays that way until 11:59pm on July 1 (election day). If you are staying in Mexico during this time you should go to an all-inclusive resort because they they cater to foreign tourists and are exempt. There are no such resorts in La Paz, Baja California Sur, where I passed 3 winters, so some ex-pats will drive two hours south to Cabo San Lucas and others will stock their fridges before the start of the dry period.

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