A Bike Tour of the Poudre Canyon and Cameron Pass

A view from above the Upper Poudre Canyon. Double-click for a close-up and click again for an even bigger image.

Mary and I drove our bikes through the Poudre Canyon and Cameron Pass on Saturday. We unloaded the bikes at Joe Wright Reservoir near the summit, rode 45 minutes down the hill, and exhausted our bike batteries during the 2 hour return climb. The reservoir is one of our favorite places in Colorado. There are many fishermen there and at nearby lakes. Poudre Falls was a highlight of the bike descent.

We also passed the hiking trail where a mountain lion ate a 3 year old boy in 1999 that he separated from a church group. If you’re a parent, don’t trust a small child to a church group; nobody will watch your child as closely as you do because nobody cares about your child as much as you care. Government teachers and school administrators are more diligent than church groups with your child but their agendas and motivations differ from yours.

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