The Pronghorn Antelope Herd of Virginia Dale, Colorado

The pronghorn antelope is one of the most amazing animals, combining speed that is second only to cheetahs with the stamina of humans. Pronghorns were forced to run fast by the cheetahs that once roamed North America. According to Popular Mechanics, pronghorns can beat cheetahs in any race greater than a quarter-mile and run a marathon in 45 minutes. They can’t run upright like us or sweat but Wikipedia states, “Compared to its body size, the pronghorn has a large windpipe, heart, and lungs to allow it to take in large amounts of air when running.”

A pronghorn herd roams the grasses of Virginia Dale, Colorado, near the Wyoming border and Laramie, where Mary snapped pictures yesterday as we returned to Colorado from the Snowy Range near Centennial, Wyoming. The visitors center nearby on I-80 in Laramie features taxidermy pronghorns. The video below shows them running at top speed and speculates about predators that spurred them to run fast.

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