Resetting Government in the USA

Although I reckon that no country with greater than 10 million people can be governed well and that voting with your feet is a better than voting in a ballot booth, in this guest post Wall Street Journal Community contributor Geoff Wilson argues that USA citizens can save themselves. – Mark

I haven’t made an effective argument against the concept of voting in general; I have made an argument against voting in our current political system, for it has no impact on outcomes. As Henry Ford used to say, “You can have any color car you want, as long as it’s black.” Similarly, we as a people can elect any political candidate we want, as long as they adhere to the primacy of Federal control over all things and will not propose anything which disrupts the existing power structures in DC.

Thus, we need a Constitutional Convention. We need a reset. The system has become hopelessly parasitized.

You are familiar with game theory, yes? Familiar with the concept of a a steady state, an equilibrium? The equilibrium we currently have not only in Washington but also in the country is one where the leaders and the parasites cooperate together to feast on the remainder of the population. Because combined the leaders and special interests and parasites outnumber the remainder, the remainder can’t do anything about it. The tide has shifted, and you might as well stand in the sea and shout at the tide to go back out as to stand in the breach and argue for reason and sanity to be restored to the political system.

Thus, the only solution is to either hunker down and wait patiently for collapse or to reset the rules. Waiting for collapse is risky, because the same parasites and leaders and special interest groups will be all the more motivated and will still retain a majority, and what is likely to happen is a shift towards a more open cannibalism of the system based on populist inflammatory rhetoric, ala Chavez.

So, the solution is a reset now before people are really hungry and dying from lack of resources. In the end, if all you are given are bad options, then in some ways it is your own fault for continuing to cooperate with the system. If you continue to lose in Las Vegas but continue to play by their rules and just somehow hope you can turn it around, is that the fault of Vegas or is it your own fault?

We need to reclaim power for the states to restore the original balance of power as envisioned by the Constitution. We need states to band together to stand against the power of the Federal government, who has made it very clear that they will do whatever they want and will justify it through very broad interpretations of the few unfortunate vague clauses of the Constitution. We need to reclaim power on a local level and cut off and let wither and rot the ill-gotten center of power in DC, whose formation the Constitution attempted and failed to prevent.

At a local level there is much support for this. When you see both parties resorting to open defiance of the will of delegates and popular support at the two major political conventions, you know that the meme that centralized political power has run amok has left the fringe and entered the mainstream. What it takes now is for citizens to begin beating the drum on a local level to bypass the corruption and start over.

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