Startup Businesses in Santiago

Do you live in Santiago or are planning a trip? You could profit by meeting Luis Novoa of Proteus, Jesse Davis of Entrustet, and George Cadena of Aeterna Sol, each the subject of recent articles.

Drawing illustrating the process of synaptic transmission in neurons, courtesy of US National Institutes of Health

Proteus is working with Children’s Hospital Boston on a local anesthetic derived from algae that effectively blocks pain in surgical patients without the side effects of analgesics based on opium such as nausea, sedation, shallow breathing, sleepiness, constipation and itching. These side effects often delay recovery and can result in prolonged hospitalization. The hospital says:

A U.S.-Chile collaboration is bringing surgical patients closer to having an improved long-acting local anesthetic. In a randomized, double-blind trial, patients given neosaxitoxin, a new local anesthetic derived from algae, had significantly less postoperative pain and recovered about two days sooner than those given the commonly used local anesthetic bupivacaine. Based on this finding, Children’s Hospital Boston, a co-investigator on the study, has signed a collaboration agreement with biotech start-up company Proteus SA (Santiago, Chile) to move the new anesthetic toward clinical adoption.

George Cadena’s Journey Around the World
In From Afghanistan to California to Chile: An entrepreneur’s birth by fire, Wisconsin Technology News says:

Like most grad school students, George Cadena wanted to get a job when he finished grad school at Cal Tech. After graduating with a Masters in Electrical Engineering, he found a job at Exponent, a prestigious engineering consulting firm specializing in failure analysis, IP infringement, and tech development. Exponent works with the US military to try to solve some of the hardest problems that the army faces.

In 2008, the biggest problem facing our troops in Iraq and Afghanistan were IEDs and landmines. They were really hard to find and were killing lots of our troops. The existing solution was slow to develop, expensive, and prone to failure, so the Army contracted Exponent to try to find an inexpensive, durable, and low turn-around time solution that would save soldiers lives in the field.

Catching Up With Jesse Davis, Co-founder of Entrustet
Entrustet is a startup that allows you to nominate heirs to your digital assets. The University of Wisconsin says:

Jesse Davis has been creating business start ups for as long as he can remember. A self described “serial entrepreneur,” he started a snow shoveling business while in grade school, then moved on to running a food stand at the local little league field, and turned a love for cooking into a catering business in high school. “Suddenly I realized I was making way more money doing something I really loved than my friends who were working in hourly jobs they complained about,” he explained.

That passion for entrepreneurship traveled with the Newton, Massachusetts native when he moved to Madison, Wisconsin in the fall of 2005 to begin his studies at UW-Madison with a goal of obtaining a business degree. Sophomore year he began working for a couple of his fraternity brothers who had a business, “College Coolers” that delivered water cooler systems to students across campus. Brought on to streamline the supply chain process, Davis eventually bought out the owners and proceeded to give the company a technological face lift – creating a new website with an online ordering and payment system. Davis recorded $50,000 in sales his first year which grew to $100,000 in his second.

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