Speaker Announcement for Santiago Infotech Start-Up Feb. 1

Dirk Roettges, a former resident of Germany who moved to Chile 4 years ago, will be the featured speaker at the Santiago Infotech Startup meetup on the second floor of the California Cantina on Tues. Feb. 1 at 6:30 PM.

Dirk is the founder of Interactivar, a firm that produces the best web sites in Chile such as City magazine, a journal for entrepreneurship and business targeting young professionals that has become a reference for those who wish to pursue their dreams and transform them into reality. The online magazine serves as platform for sharing the experiences of entrepreneurs and leaders.

Dirk will discuss the growth of his business from an outsourcing platform 4 years ago that primarily served his previous customers in Europe and the United States to a consultancy that derives over 50% of revenues from Chilean customers. He will describe the gauntlet of governmental obstacles that prevented him from starting his business during the first 6 months he was in Santiago and recommend that Chile repeal these laws that stifle business formation by Chileans and foreigners alike.

We anticipate that there will be a lively discussion consuming the entire meetup. However, time permitting, there will be a second speaker, Mary Brophy. She is the co-founder of Viasoft, a San Francisco Bay Area mainframe software company that went public on the NASDAQ in 1995 and was sold for $64m in 2000. She will discuss the history of her company and the Silicon Valley.

Please reserve in advance so that the cantina can prepare the room for the group. Food and drink will be available, but alcohol consumption will not be discouraged or encouraged. If you choose not to eat or drink, please pay 1000 pesos to a waiter or waitress to cover the cost of the room rental. The meetup is organized by Mark Brophy, a private citizen not employed or affiliated with the Chilean government.

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