Flounders and a Ship Model in South Texas

A 1966 model of a 17th century Dutch warship, displayed at the Best Western in Corpus Christi, Texas.

The amazingly detailed model above is made of teak, ebony, cedar, rosewood, and mahogany and took two years to complete. It depicts the Dutch ship that defeated the British in the Four Days Battle of 1666.

Fresh flounder served at Los Comales restaurant in Rockport, Texas, 30 miles from Corpus Christi.

Fresh flounder fanatic anticipates tasty meal.

I ate a rare treat, fresh flounder, at Los Comales restaurant in Rockport, Texas. They don’t catch flounder around here by rod and reel so they must wait for a rare day when there is no wind, enabling the fisherman to see clearly through the water to employ his spear gun. The restaurant served 25 flounders in the last two days.

Wolf devours flounder, leaving only bones, head, and tail.

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