How Voting is Similar to Child Abuse

The Wall Street Journal published an editorial decrying the poor quality of the two most popular Presidential candidates and the hopelessness of the financial condition of the richest country in the world. John G. Boulet replied:

Why is there ennui? Abuse. Abuse of Americans by what used to be OUR government. What used to be “We the People” has become, “They, the Government.”

When the American people have been repeatedly lied to, taken advantage of, and altogether abused by the elitist political class and their cronies, we are like abused children who no longer protest because it doesn’t do any good, and might just lead to more of a beating.

The government never belonged to the people. One popular myth is that the era of alcohol Prohibition ended because of citizen power; in reality, the government wanted extra revenue from taxing alcohol. Before alcohol was outlawed, a large portion of government revenue came from alcohol taxes and the economic depression of the 1930’s caused revenues to decrease, so the government was desperate for new taxes.

If you live in the USA, Europe, or Argentina, your country will continue to deteriorate for at least 20 years. Your only viable alternative is to find a better place such as Singapore, Hong Kong, Panama, or Chile. It is futile to delude yourself that there is a slight chance that politics will answer your prayers.

The Wall Street Journal believes that it will be important who Mitt Romney chooses as his vice-presidential candidate and that a famous black woman would be the best choice. That’s the desperate hope of an abused child who should accept reality and find a new home.

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