Why Are Drugs Regulated Differently Than Aircraft?

David Henderson of the Econlog blog wrote about FDA restrictions on drugs and suggested that all drugs be legalized subject to the restriction that any drug that is not certified as safe and effective by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) must carry a warning of that lack of blessing. In that case, people like me who believe the FDA and other government agencies lack credibility could use whatever drug we want and people who like government could avoid the drug.

Someone commented that this wouldn’t be a great leap in government thinking because potentially dangerous aircraft have been legalized subject to the requirement that an “Experimental” designation be placed on the aircraft along with a notice that it doesn’t meet government standards. Next to the notice, many plane builders add that it exceeds government standards.

Millions of people become ill and millions of others die due to lack of access to drugs. Why is the government humane to aircraft builders and users but evil and heartless to sick people?

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