Europe Bans Full Body X-ray Scanners

According to the Daily Mail, Europe has banned full body x-ray scanners in airports:

The last remaining full-body X-ray airport scanners are to be scrapped within weeks. The security systems, which have been tested at air terminals since 2009, scan through passengers’ clothes, creating a detailed ghost-like image of the naked body. The scan is then viewed by security staff. Critics said the machines invaded passengers’ privacy and the radiation they generate raised the risk of cancer. Some Muslim groups also refused to walk through them on religious grounds….

The scanners will be replaced with ‘privacy-friendly’ machines which use radio-frequency technology…. Research has suggested that, despite the low radiation dosage, that because of the large number of scanners in the U.S., hundreds of passengers a year could get cancer. When there were 250 scanners in the U.S. last year, research suggested up to 100 passengers a year could get cancer….

Fears about the health risks were raised in the U.S. as far back as 1998 when the machine known as the Secure 1000 was evaluated by a panel of radiation safety experts brought together by the Food and Drug Administration. They all expressed concerns about the machine because it violated a longstanding principle that humans should not be X-rayed unless there is a medical purpose.

Many people in the USA have criticized the Obama administration because it has imported socialist ideas from Europe but in many ways the USA is even more tyrannical. Generally, the larger the country, the greater the tyranny, as shown by China, Russia, India, and Brazil; it is a miracle that the USA was relatively free compared to those countries. Unfortunately, it is regressing to the mean. If you live in the USA, you’d be prudent to prepare to emigrate because it will only worsen; laws are rarely repealed, no matter how inexpedient or tyrannical.

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